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Magic Four-Hand Massage with Warm Herbal Linen

60 minutes/ US$ 25 90 Minutes US$ 35/ 120 Minutes US$ 45


Classic linen soaks into therapeutic hot herbal pot, from Kro Khmer “Herbalist”. It helps to relieve stress as well as to increase energy flow, improve circulation, relax muscles and calm nerves. A very slow and deliberate movement of pressure can be used to address chronic problems, such as back pain and stiff muscles by working along ‘Meridian’ lines in gentle rolling movements. They provide the same type of stimulation as acupressure, but can be used to stimulate tender or sensitive areas that cannot be massaged

Deep stress relief back pain

60 Minutes US$ 25/ 90 minutes 35

Deep stress back massage with warm herbal linen is focused on specific area and music tension on your back pain and warm herbal linen make your blood circulation to relief the Meridian'line. Deeper pressure is beneficial in chronic muscle fibrotic,

Four-Hand Relief - Without Oil

60 minutes - US$ 18 | 90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 35

The synchronized movement of the two therapists focusing on the concept of meridian or invisible line of energy running along the body by kneading, cupping, hacking, friction and effleurage will ease the sore muscles and restore proper blood circulation effectively 

Aroma Swedish massage

60 minutes - US$ 20| 90 minutes - US$ 28| 120 minutes - US$ 35

Created to energetically stimulate the body, Relaxing with oil massage use effleurage kneading palm sweeping has an effect on the muscle tension and relieving loosening of muscle. 

Aromatherapy massage

US$ 18 /60 minutes / US$ 25/90 minutes /US$30/120minutes

This unique treatment is based on the Aromatherapy technique of ancient European that use soft to mediem pressure in restoring vitality and relaxing 

Traditional Khmer Massage

60 minutes - US$ 15 /90 minutes - US$ 20| 120 minutes - US$28

Traditional Khmer massages are deeper layers of muscle. Release of tension; stimulate circulation, stretching of muscle and connective a tissue frees up energy blockages. The massage is performed without oil

Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes - US$ 20 | 90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 35

Deeper layers of muscle tissue, slow strokes and many deep pressure points on the contracted areas, a deep stretching the body helps to break up scar tissue. Loosen stress and release energy toxins from body, improve blood circulation and oxygen circulating properly.

Touch Discovery Massage

90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 35

Effleurage Movement Stroke up long side by side, Release of tension stretching of muscle & connective tissue free up energy blockages +aroma oil help to relax.

Warm Coconut Massage Thearpy

60 minutes - US$ 20 | 90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 35

Natural oil with massage tension that need use the deeply relies stress, for its ability to prevent the formation of free radicals, use warm coconut oil relaxing massage that uses gentle stroke techniques.

Traditional Herbal Hot Compress

90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 40

Herbal Hot Compress increase energy flow, improves circulation, relax muscles and stimulate nerves. Hot compresses can be used to address chronic problems, such as back pain and stiff muscles by working along send lines in gentle rolling movements. They provide the same type of stimulation as acupressure, but can be used to stimulate tender or sensitive areas.

Four Hand Relax Therapy

90 minutes - US$ 30 | 120 minutes - US$ 45

This is truly a unique and wonderful experience. If you've never been massaged by two people at once, then you MUST try it at least once in your life. The sensation of having 4 hands working on you at once is incredible. 20 fingers kneading and squeezing your muscles, working out the stress, and
Awakening kidneys and re-circulating.


Warm Stone Aromatherapy

60 minutes - US$ 28 | 90 minutes - US$ 38 | 120 minutes - US$ 45

The power of slowly heated stones, a healing and penetrating heat flows in through key energy points. Hot stone therapy is exceptional in assisting the relief of headaches, water retention, muscular tension and insomnia. Re-energize your body and soul luxurious and relaxing massage, combining deeply heat therapy and expert therapists. Smooth, polished perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieves stress, and ease tension. 

Ancient Sport Massage

60 minutes - US$ 25 /90 minutes - US$ 35 / 120 minutes - US$ 40

Ancient Sport Massage is combining and many presser point and concentrate on lover back to relief’s tension, using oil stimulate blood circulation relaxation and loosening of muscle pant full.

Stress Relief Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

60 minutes - US$ 18| 30 min - US$ 10

Concentrating on the head, back and shoulders relaxed with Aromatic oil, Stimulate your energy lines as the long, rhythmic strokes of the forearm, elbow and hand release stress and tension free.

Warm oil Aroma therapy

60 minutes - US$ 20 | 90 minutes - US$ 28 | 120 minutes - US$ 35

Of European origin combining the “five classical” massage movements like effleurage; rhythmic taping, friction and vibration work on stimulating the flow of circulation and break down tension from muscular strain. The strokes of the massage relax individual muscles, while the overall experience eliminates mental stress.









Foot Massage

60 minutes - US$ 10 | 30 minutes - US$ 8

Begin by stroking top of foot, between cords located on top of foot at instep. Move in the direction toe to ankle. Then, continue by stroking sole of foot, first more gently, pressure points.

Lemongrass Body Scrub

60 Minutes US$ 20

Remove dray dead skin, uplifting and refreshing, improves blood circulation, leaves skin softer and smoother

Renewing Head-To-Toe Coconut Treatment

US$45/150 mins

- Coconut Body Scrub
- Coconut Oil Aromatherapy Massage
- Coconut Revitalizing Facial Treatment
- Calming Scale and Head Massage with Warm Coconut Oil

Nourishing Avocado Treatment


- Avocado Body Scrub
- Avocado Body Wrap
- Swedish Massage With Avocado Oil


90 minutes US$ 45/120 minutes US$ 58

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmical massage treatment performed by a specially trained lymphatic massage therapist to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system. treatment starting with body scrub to open the pores.

Coconut Body Scrub

90 minutes - US$ 28

A gentle exfoliating cream with natural plant compounds, polish and stimulate tired skin and remove dead skin cells without drying the skin with sweet almond oil which rich in vitamins E provide nourishing and protecting to the skin.

Sesame Body Scrub

90 minutes - US$ 28

Natural products as honey sticky rise and sesame. Clean your dead cell and make the skin softer and radiant, Relax with deep tissue Massage

Lemongrass Scrub

90 minutes - US$ 28

Natural product to removes dead skin improves blood circulation and cleans your dead cell, leaves the skin soft and radiant, Relief stress with Back & Shoulder Massage

Khmer Herbal Scrub

90 minutes - US$ 28

Natural products blanch as yellow ginger, terrine, sweet amount oil and seaweeds have been formulated with the proven ingredients to increase inches and reduce cellulite. Make your skin smooth and tighten. Release your musical tension with organic yellow ginger oil. 

Ingredient: Black Sticky rice, Honey, Turmeric, white clay, fresh mill. 

Coffee Body Scrub

60 Minutes - US$ 20

Coffee contains anti-oxidants and has an excellent cleansing property which makes it very beneficial in the treatment of acne and other blemishes. Encourage the elimination of toxin circulatory system to work well with jojoba oils, Vitamin E help reduce wrinkles.

Mango Body Mask

60 minutes - US$ 20

Mango is natural products can help you lose those unwanted inches in the comfort of your own home. Reduce inches, tone and tighten the skin. 

Ingredient: Mango yogurt white clay powder

Aloe Vera Moisturizing Body Wrap

60 Minutes US$ 25

Aloe Vera, both strong hydrating elements, makes this a suitable wrap for dry and sun burnt skin. It helps to encourage new cell growth, soothe skin irritation and moisture to thirsty skin

Excellent Manicure 45/Minutes

US$ 15 /UV GEL colors US$25

Excellence Gel Manicures 

Nowadays the manicure is not just for an aesthetic benefit. More emphasis is now given to correct preparation of the nail such as removing the cuticle and applying a variety of creams and oils in order to maintain a healthy balance of oils on and around the nail bed and gel colors. 

Excellent Pedicure45/Minutes

US$ 15/UV or GEL colors US$25

Spa pedicure is a procedure which cleans and removes the dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. It helps prevent nail diseases. The pedicure is also accompanied by a foot massage that rejuvenates the skin as well as relaxing the muscles. This service can be acquired in a cheap spa day’s center that provides various treatments for the foot.

Men Manicure 30/Minutes

US$ 10

Men’s grooming has come a long way. While just a few years ago men wouldn’t be keen to admit that they got manicures on a regular basis, manicures have become far more popular in recent years. They can add to men’s confidence levels and add to a polished, professional appearance. With a regular manicure once a month, your hands will look natural sanely.

Men Pedicures 30/Minutes

US$ 10

Pedicures are becoming a more viable grooming option for men, since it is easy, convenient, and promotes good foot health, according to podiatrists. A pedicure can also be a real bargain when it involves a foot massage, 

Underarm waxing

US$ 10

The natural process of removing hair with wax, our waxing expert use quick effective comfortable technique to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair-free

Thighs waxing

US$ 20

The natural process of removing hair with wax, our waxing expert use quick effective comfortable technique to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair-free

Revitalizing Vitamin C Facial Treatment

60 Minutes - US$25

Designed for tired skin showing signs of atrophy and loss of elasticity, this intensive Vitamin C treatment stimulates vital functions and repairs cell damage. Skin shows immediate improvement in tone and firmness. Excellent for sun damage and prevent premature signs of aging

Aroma Facial

60 Minutes - US$ 20

Cleaning, hydrating, moisturizing, face massage and mask designed to purify and promoted beautifully radiant skin.

Deep Cleansing Facial

60 Minutes - US$ 25

Detoxifying, also remove black heads to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.

Hot Stone Facial

60 Minutes - US$ 25

Permeate the deeper layers of the muscle and facial tissue, this facial massage has a mini face lift effect as the muscle are toned and tightened. A tender relief from headaches stress and relaxation.

Khmer Facial

60 Minutes - US$ 20

Us regular organ ingredient to blend as cucumber, sticky rice , honey, yoghurt, Saturate skin with nature’s goodness and leave your skin looking feeling radiant.


60 minutes - US$ 15

Reflexology is an alternative therapeutic treatment based on the idea that areas of the feet, hands, and ears are connected to other areas of the body. According to reflexology, pressure applied to the right reflex points can correct problems with correlating body parts, organs and ones. For instance, a point on the arch of the foot may correspond.

Energize My Legs

60 Minutes - US$ 15

The lactic acid cause factors, such as pH, to change so that the muscle fiber are no longer responsive to stimulation, therefore you need to relax, and let our therapist skill to diffuse and sooth of the muscular stress and tension away.


US$ 20

our feet are precious; they carry you many a mile and help you to maintain your posture. It is no surprise that they may feel tired, calloused, or swollen by the end of the day. Give your feet the attention they really deserve by pampering them with a foot spa massage. Once you know the basic procedure, you can experiment with special soaks and scrubs to suit the needs of your foot

Half legs waxing

US$ 20

The natural process of removing hair with wax, our waxing expert use quick effective comfortable technique to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair-free

Full legs waxing

US$ 25

The natural process of removing hair with wax, our waxing expert use quick effective comfortable technique to keep your skin silky, touchable and hair-free

Magic Four-Hand Heritage experience spa package/180 minutes/US$ 68

180 minutes/US$ 68


the tranquility and beauty of our spa Experience an oasis of relaxation that will revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the soothing and balancing effects of a healing massage that will soothe your senses with therapeutic aromas, oils and ancient Technic.

Herbal Warm Magic Four-Hand 90 minutes 

Heritage Khmer Body Scrub 45 minutes 

Heritage Khmer Facial 45 minutes

Rejuvenate Couple package 150 Minutes