Since our Hands and feet go through so much each day, they need a little extra attention to their femininity. Choosing the right hand or feet cream comes down to understanding your skin need is at special incentive for 20% off.                                   

Excellence Manicure

Treat dry hand with this deluxe citrus treatment. Exfoliation and massage for the hands and arms, plus paraffin dip to soften the skin with natural occurring alpha-hydroxy acids. This nourishing treatment ends with buffed or polished nail.

US$15/60 minutes

Excellence Pedicure

Mother  Earth provides the ingredients for this treatment that will get your feet ready for sandals. A tropical Asian, aromatic soak is followed by a warming herbal scrub and paraffin treatment to soften the skin.   Moisturizing   massage   is   followed by   a meticulous nail care, buff or polish.                                                                  

US$15/60 minutes

Color Refresh

Fast and simple. A quick cleanse and polish change.

US$6/20 minutes


Fast and simple for a quick cleanse and nail shaping.

US$6/15 minutes